Courses Outcome


      2.6.1.  Program Outcomes, Program Specific Outcomes, and Course outcomes 

                                            Bachelor of Arts (BA)

  • This program develops the ability to think critically, effectively communicate with the society or help in conducting research on the subject expert topic.
  • It helps the students to get a fair idea about civic society, constitution, political system, economic environment, etc. & thus helps to develop the minds of students towards the creation of a healthy society and make them sensible about their social and national obligations.
  • As compared to other programs, the B.A. program develops the ability of creative writing in students and creative communication with the society as well.
  • Skills and orientation of Research are developed in students while pursuing B.A. program, especially for those students who will pursue teaching as a career.


  • The students will get the basic knowledge of Hindi literature and language under the Indian knowledge tradition.
  • They will get the knowledge of the basic nature of literature like arts and the employable nature of Hindi.
  • They will be able to get the opportunities for employment not only in India but also globally.
  • To develop a sense of nationality and moral conduct.
  • To enable students to face the challenges with the help of computers, cinema, and translation.


  • It makes the students to understand the growth of Indian literature in English and appraise the evolution of Indian culture from traditional to modern.
  • It develops an understanding of the basic poetic and prose devices to read, identify and analyze various literary forms of poetry and prose.
  • It makes them understand the nuances of poetic language, structure and composition of idea in Indian English Prose.
  • It develops their critical thinking skills & comprehends life skills through the study of prose/short fiction & develops their own creativity by enhancing their writing skills.
  • It creates the ability to get enhanced/enriched vocabulary to demonstrate a significant modification in comprehensive skills and writing techniques.
  • Learners will be acquainted with the representative poets and writers from the 16th century to the 20th century.
  • It develops an understanding of the philosophy of Romanticism and how it was impacted by the revolutions in Europe.
  • It Interprets the meaning of ‘Victorian Compromise’ and the ‘Victorian paradox’ and appraises the different aspects of the Age of Reason.
  • Learners will be familiar with the rules and procedures of Practical Criticism.
  • It analyses in detail how a key individual event or idea is introduced, illustrated ,and elaborated in a text.
  • It develops knowledge of literary, cultural, and historical contexts of 20th & 21st- century literature in English.
  • Learners will be acquainted with the basic knowledge of Computers and general processing of various Microsoft applications.
  • It creates the ability to investigate and understand the role of computers in developing students’ performance in the English Language through computer assisted learning.
  • Learners will learn to frame official letters like preparing CVs, filing FIRs, RTI and complaints.
  • It will help to create e-mails and navigate web browsers.
  • It will help to get acquainted with the art of online writing.


  • It will introduce students to new concepts of Sociology discipline.
  • These concepts will enhance the conceptual learning and understanding of the basic concepts used in Sociology.
  • It will contribute to enriching the vocabulary and scientific temperament of the students.
  • This is designed to incorporate all the key concepts of sociology which would enable the learner to develop keen insights to distinguish between the common-sense knowledge and Sociological knowledge.
  • It provides a comprehensive understanding of Indian society.

                                                     Political Science

  • After the completion of a three-year program, the student is expected to exhibit a fairly detailed understanding of the basic ideas, concepts, institutions, processes of politics and government at national, regional and international levels.
  • It creates the awareness regarding Values, ethics, rights and duties
  • It develops the capacity and ability to apply theoretical knowledge in problem solving
  • It develops effective communication skills to negotiate and comprehend different situations.
  • It develops the Interdisciplinary method of critical thinking
  • It creates a general understanding of how knowledge of politics and how that can be applied to benefit the management and/or amendment of problems of mankind.
  • It develops the capability to articulate ideas inappropriate manner.
  • It creates sensitivity towards diverse contexts, ethnic groups, minorities, marginalized groups and gender issues.

                                                 Physical Education

  • Physical education is a very wide concept and this subject teaches about the introduction and Sociological concept of Physical Education and this also teaches about the historical development of physical education in India and other countries.
  • It introduces a general concept of good health and wellness.
  • It will also help a student to promote a healthy way of living and they will also be able to make fitness and health plans.


After the completion of this program, the students will able to learn-

  • The behavioural patterns of different economic agents, advance theoretical issues and their applications.
  • Acquaint with the measurement of development with the help of theories along with the conceptual issues of poverty and inequalities with Indian perspectives.
  • Facilitate the historical developments in  the economic thoughts propounded by different schools. To familiarise students with the contribution ofw Indian economic thinkers and the relevance of their contribution.
  • To familiarise the students with issues of ethics in economic thinking and practice.   


  • This provides the basic ideas and concepts of history and historical development.
  • It will develop a historical outlook to resolve the day-to-day life struggle in the society and nation.
  • It will enhance the capacity of students to understand the universal and domain-specific values in History.
  • It will develop the ability to address the complexities and interface among self, social, national and international priorities.
  • It will promote research, innovation and design (Map and atlas) development favoring all the disciplines in History.
  • This will develop a scientific and practical approach among students which helps in their day-to-day life.
  • This program orients students with traditional historical knowledge along with advanced contemporary skills like the role of remote sensing, Carbon dating and GIS in the field of History and Archaeology.

                                           Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

  • This program helps to Understand the basic concepts, fundamental principles, and the scientific theories related to various scientific phenomena and their importance in day-to-day life.
  • It develops the skills of planning and experiments in the laboratory with the help of scientific instruments.  
  • It develops the ability to analyze the given scientific data critically and systematically and the ability to draw objective conclusions.
  • It not only develops a scientific approach and outlook with respect to science subjects but also in all aspects of day-to-day life.
  • It develops the interdisciplinary approach for providing better solutions and new ideas for sustainable developments.
  • This program Develops various basics communication skills such as reading, listening, speaking, etc., which help the students to express their ideas and views clearly and effectively in every field of life.


  • Students should be able to possess recall basic ideas about mathematics which can be displayed by them.
  • Students should have adequate exposure to many aspects of mathematical sciences.
  • The Student is equipped with mathematical modeling ability, critical mathematical thinking, and problem-solving skills etc.
  • Students should be able to apply their skills and knowledge in various fields of studies including science, engineering, commerce and management


  • The main aim of this program is to help cultivate the love for Nature and its manifestations, to transmit the methods of science (the contents are only the means) to observe things around, to generalize, to do intelligent guessing, to formulate a theory & model, and at the same time, to hold an element of doubt and thereby to hope to modify it in terms of future experience and thus to practice a pragmatic outlook.
  • The program intends to nurture proficiency in functional areas of Physics, which is in line with the international standards, aimed at realizing the goals of skilled India.
  •  Keeping the application-oriented training in mind; this program aims to give students the competence in the methods and techniques of theoretical, experimental and computational aspects of Physics so as to achieve an overall understanding of the subject for holistic development. This will cultivate specific application-oriented training leading to their goals of employment.
  • The Bachelor’s Project (Industrial Training / Survey / Dissertation) is intended to give an essence of research work for excellence in explicit areas. It integrates with specific job requirements/opportunities and provides a foundation for Bachelor (Research) Programmes.


  • Students will have a firm foundation in the fundamentals and application of current chemical and scientific theories including those in analytical, Inorganic, Organic and Physical Chemistries.
  • Students will be able to design and carry out scientific experiments as well as accurately record and analyze the results of such experiments.
  • Students will be skilled in problem-solving, critical thinking and analytical reasoning as applied to scientific problems.
  • Students will be able to explore new areas of research in both chemistry and allied fields of science and technology.
  • Students will appreciate the central role of chemistry in our society and use this as a basis for ethical behavior in issues facing chemists including an understanding of safe handling of chemicals, environmental issues and key issues facing our society in energy, health and medicine.
  • Students will be able to explain why chemistry is an integral activity for addressing social, economic, and environmental problems.
  • Students will be able to function as a member of an interdisciplinary problem-solving team.


  • The program has been designed in such a way so that the students get the flavor of both classical and modern aspects of Zoology/Animal Sciences. It aims to enable the students to study animal diversity in the Indian subcontinent, environmental science and behavioral ecology.
  • The modern areas including cell biology and genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, physiology followed by biostatistics, Evolutionary biology, bioinformatics and genetic engineering have been included to make the study of animals more interesting and relevant to humans studies which is the requirement in recent times.
  • The lab courses have been designed in such a way that students will be trained to join public or private labs.


  • CBCS syllabus with a combination of general and specialized education shall introduce the concepts of breadth and depth in learning
  • This will produce competent plant biologists who can employ and implement their gained knowledge in basic and applied aspects that will profoundly influence the prevailing paradigm of agriculture, industry, healthcare and environment to provide sustainable development.
  •  This will increase the ability of critical thinking, development of scientific attitude, handling of problems and generate solutions, improve practical skills, enhance communication skills, social interaction, and increase awareness of injudicious use of plant resources by recognizing the ethical value system.
  • The training provided to the students will make them competent enough for doing jobs in Govt. and private sectors of academia, research and industry along with graduate preparation for national as well as international competitive examinations, especially UGC-CSIR NET, UPSC Civil Services Examination, IFS, NSC, FCI, BSI, FRI etc. PO 5 Certificate and diploma courses are framed to generate self- entrepreneurship and self-employability, if multi exit option is opted.
  • Lifelong learning be achieved by drawing attention to the vast world of knowledge of plants and their domestication    

                                   Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.)

  • This program develops various skills which could be relevant as Marketing Manager, Selling Manager and overall Administration of the Company.
  •  It develops the Capability of the students to make financial decisions at personal & professional levels.
  • After completion of this program, Students can independently start up their own businesses.
  • Through this program, Students can get thorough knowledge of finance and commerce.
  • Many specializations like accounting, costing, banking and finance with practical exposure helps the students to stand in an organization and have a better place in the financial and commercial world.
  • This program provides well-trained professionals for many sectors like Industries, Banking, Insurance Companies, Financing companies, Transport Agencies, warehousing etc. and makes the students able to have better career opportunities.


  • The students can get the knowledge, skills and attitudes during the end of the degree course.
  • With the goodness of the preparation they can turn into a Manager, Accountant, Management Accountant, Cost Accountant, Bank Managers, Auditors, Company Secretary, Teachers, Professors, Stock Agents, Government employments and so on.,
  • Students will prove themselves in different professional exams like C.A., C S, CMA, MPSC, and UPSC. As well as other coerces.
  • The students will acquire knowledge, skills in different areas of communication, decision making, innovations and problem solving in day-to-day business activities.
  • Students will gain thorough systematic and subject skills within various disciplines of finance, auditing and taxation, accounting, management, communication, and computer.
  • Students can also get the practical skills to work as accountants, audit assistants, tax consultants and computer operators. As well as other financial supporting services.
  • Students will learn relevant Advanced accounting career skills, applying both quantitative and qualitative knowledge to their future careers in business.
  •  Students will be able to do their higher education and can make research in the field of finance and commerce.

                             Post Graduate Programs (Arts/Commerce)

  • A Master’s degree makes the students Master of their chosen subject with command of all the aspects of the subjects
  • A Master’s degree can be used as a stepping stone before applying to doctorate level programs.
  • A Master’s degree helps the students to develop a reasonable & analytical approach toward the development of new concepts.
  • As of Master of the subject, the students get more confidence on the subject & thus helps them to debate, discuss & convince other people on new thoughts & help the society get more viewpoints on any subject.
  • Students will attain profound expertise in Discipline.
  • Students will acquire the ability to function in multidisciplinary domains.
  • This program will develop research Intelligence in investigations and innovations among the students.